May 11, 2013


Well, police got two of these five gay-bashers. What sickens me about this case is that one of the two victims told police that the guys who beat him did it because they were coming from a Knicks game and the Knicks lost. Solution? Beat up some gays! Because that will make your team better. It's a sad comment on the type of violent, homophobic, drunk, straight pigs who attend large sports events. Oh sorry! Didn't mean to unfairly stereotype them. They harass women and people of different religions, too. These guys don't look half as gay as I do. It's sad that we have to fear groups of young men at night. I'd like to know if women feel afraid when they encounter packs of these guys coming from sporting events. It can be really frightening on the street or on the train. The pack mentality almost seems to make a judgement call as in "we can let this fag go unbashed or OUR masculinity is in question" or "we can't let this woman go unharrassed or we aren't virile." I would like to hope that the human animal is evolving past this pack/herd mentality but they aren't at sports events. Or anywhere straight men congregate and booze and hang in groups. You know, I think we're all angered over this attack and attacks like it. So angry that we are now suggesting going on the counter attack. I can see that point and understand that Bruce, who lives in Texas, carries a taser. We have to protect ourselves. But that's why I moved to NYC--hoping for less frequent attacks and the more tolerant people of a more cosmopolitan city. (Of course when I moved here to the East VIllage one was more likely to get robbed than fag-bashed.) But let's not forget--these attacks disturb gays because we generally aren't the kind of people who attack others. We don't generally understand it. I remember going to work at a club called Spa after New Years Eve. The bouncers were covered with cuts and bruises. I asked what had happened and they said there was a brawl. I asked them to explain what a brawl was. They said some people start fighting and others got into it. I thought to myself: this is something I and other gay people don't understand. You see somebody else's fight and because you're in the mood to fight, you jump in? That is not in my DNA and I don't think it's in the DNA of most gays. This quality of gays is actually one of the things that I'm proudest of. Go ahead and laugh but I see a fight and I run! I certainly don't jump in to fight a group battle because I was looking for an excuse to fight about something anyway. Gays tend to be a gentler people--it isn't in our nature to counter-attack or start militias. But if we aren't safe in big cities, we need to do something. MORE: CBS