April 24, 2013


SARAH JESSICA PARKER AND CYNTHIA NIXON ADD SOME SERIOUS STAR POWER TO LGBT BENEFIT FOR MAYORAL HOPEFUL BILL DEBLASIO. DOWN WITH QUINN! Months after “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon signed on to a key role in de Blasio’s campaign, co-star Sarah Jessica Parker has agreed to headline a May 12 fund-raiser along with a raft of comedians, actors and a drag queen named Lady Bunny. Bunny, who is known for glitzy outfits, false eyelashes and disco songs like “Shame, Shame, Shame!” and “The Pussycat Song,” has also made “Sex and the City” cameos. She may be the first drag queen touted on a candidate’s supporters list, but de Blasio has prided himself on running an unconventional campaign. This photo of me was taken at Studio 54 reunion last year. In keeping with the disco theme, I'd rubbed cocaine (baby powder) on my nose. No one got it, but when did that ever keep me from telling a joke? (Maybe they didn't see anything unusual.) I also brought poppers and offered it to people--as part of the 70s theme, of course. Only Studio's publicist, Carmen D'Allesio, snorted some and we boogied. MORE: DAILYNEWS THE BENEFIT: MAY 12TH AT THE CUTTING ROOM Join Cynthia Nixon, Alan Cumming, Justin Vivian Bond, Murray Hill and dozens of other LGBT New Yorkers working to elect a real progressive as Mayor of New York. We believe in workers rights, affordable housing, police reform, and not doing everything Big Real Estate wants. So does Bill. We are not supporting candidates just because they are also LGBT, we are supporting the most progressive viable candidate running.