April 21, 2013


I'm certainly glad they caught those Boston bombers. And I'm glad they caught one of them alive so that we can determine what caused their cruel actions. Are they muslim terrorists or just crazies? If Dzhokhar was a crazy, the Senate should just hand him some assault rifles. That's what our lawmakers recent refusal to even discuss, via filibustering, signaled that they want: to arm crazies without questioning who is purchasing weapons. But if the brothers bombed the Boston marathon to express their solidarity with Chechnya, their muslim homeland in Russia, we should probably go ahead and attack Chechnya right now before we even interrogate Dzhokhar. Even though the link between the brother bombers and any Chechen causes has yet to be made, why not preemptively invade the region? We attacked Iraq for less of a reason, killed a million people and destroyed that country in an 8 year occupation. The Czech Republic's ambassador to the US was forced to issue a statement stressing that Chechnya and the Czech Republic are not the same place after angry Americans were sending angry tweets to the wrong country. And the ambassador has every right to worry, since dumb, mean and vengeful Americans attacked the wrong country when we were tricked into the Iraq war. It's the American way: murder first, ask questions later.