April 21, 2013


After being reelected, Obama claimed that addressing climate change was one of his 3 top priorities. Yet he's considering approving the Keystone XL which will hurt the environment. He's talking out both sides of his mouth again. Tomorrow's Earth Day. If you don't care about the earth, please vacate it now so that some people with sense can continue to live here. The vote is tomorrow and I can't think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day than by respecting the earth. If you aren't a friend of the earth, you're it's enemy. There are 24 hours left to submit your comment to President Obama telling him to cancel the dirty, dangerous Keystone XL pipeline once and for all. There’s not much time left, please submit your comment now. We’re working furiously with our partners to make sure that we get over 1 million comments against the pipeline by tomorrow’s Earth Day deadline. This is your last chance to submit your official comment. Right now we have over to 968,000 public comments that have been submitted to the government. Please add your name to this list now and tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. The case against the Keystone XL pipeline could not be clearer. The pipeline would to be catastrophic for the climate, ranchers in the Midwest and communities on the Gulf Coast. Building the pipeline would risk the future of our planet for no more than 35 permanent jobs. So it’s up to you and me, together, to stop it. Please join me in writing to President Obama and saying NO to this dirty and dangerous pipeline. SIGN/COMMENT: DEMOCRACYINACTION