February 07, 2013


A GOOD PUBLICIST: Scouring the internet to remove bad pics of your client, who is unbelievably photogenic anyway.

A BAD PUBLICIST: Enables this to become a headline. 


And now the press is buzzing over if she's had a nose job. I admit that I did see something different at the Superbowl.  But if she had one, it's very subtle and she just streamlined her existing nose rather than going for a whole new shape. Which I ain't mad at her for since I'd love to do that myself! But what's nutty is that they are speculating that she had the nose job in the short period between the inaugural and the Superbowl. There are often complications with surgery and 10 days is not giving much time to heal.  She must have really wanted that new nose! Or maybe she had it before the inaugural and the swelling went down before the Superbowl. Whatever--I've never discussed the Superbowl this much in my gay life so the girl gets points for something--even if it isn't live singing!