February 07, 2013


CUOMO: IGNORING A "MASSIVE SHOW OF OPPOSITION" IN HIS DESPERATION TO POISON NY STATE'S WATER WITH FRACKING. PITIFUL! So greedy that he'd literally poison the people who elected him for a buck. The sad truth is that our elected officials no longer represent us. Bought and sold.


"Despite this massive show of public opposition, Gov. Cuomo is still trying to figure out how to get away with fracking New York. Shockingly, an administration so famous for its sharp political acumen somehow thinks it can thread the needle and allow fracking without infuriating the progressive base it needs for its future. The administration has already floated numerous compromise plans, from declaring that certain urban watersheds will be off limits to drilling, to the "sacrifice zone" plan that would limit fracking to five Southern Tier counties. But notwithstanding this political maneuvering, common sense dictates that the devastating consequences of fracking won't confine themselves to county lines or underground watershed boundaries. The latest polls show that a majority of New Yorkers now see the obvious: that there is no such thing as safe fracking."

MORE:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wenonah-hauter/with-his-fracking-decision_b_2591109.html