February 07, 2013


I'm glad to see that Obama, democrats and even a few republicans are pushing for gun law reform, including background checks for gun purchases. What was the argument against background checks again? I'm sure there is one, but how do they actually say "I'd rather have a dozen more Sandy Hook shootings than have anyone evaluate the police records and/or mental health of the people seeking weapons?" I don't want to abolish people's right to own guns, but I also don't want to see people gunned down by people who shouldn't have them. Is the fear in who decides who should and who shouldn't own them? Assault weapons flew off the shelves during Obama's first term because it was rumored that he was coming to take people's guns away. In fact, he did nothing on gun reform in his first term, got a F from the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Values and made it legal to carry guns onto Amtrak and into national public parks. So in their minds, is Obama waiting until his second term to bust out as the muslim, marxist, socialist, gun-banning Kenyan that some people seem to think is lurking there?