January 24, 2013


Even the NRA agrees that we should look at mental health as part of the problem of gun deaths. I agree with the NRA! But how far should these mental health exams extend? Adam Lanza's mom didn't lock up the guns around her mentally ill son. Isn't that kinda crazy? And she was also a gun enthusiast who was so alarmed by the downturn in the economy that she was prepping for something disastrous by stockpiling weapons and food. I wonder what that disaster would translate to in her mind? Would it be shooting down people who came to steal her canned goods? Or would it be a mixed race president named Hussein sending in his muslim, communist goons to terrorize her and her family? Or both? And if so, isn't that crazy?

Times are tough, but anyone entertaining such notions must at least border on some sort of advanced paranoia or hysteria. And there's a lot of people in this country who feel the same way she did. Let's REALLY look at mental health, and focus on Fox News, ultra-conservative talk radio and anywhere else where people like Mrs. Lanza are getting whipped up into such a frenzied state of fear that they feel they need an arsenal. I'm told that even churches are spreading this paranoia--and I know that churches in at least two states are now offering shooting lessons at their place of worship, where they worship the Prince Of Peace though firearm instruction. That ain't crazy to you?

How about pro-lifers so extreme that they legitimize rape? Surely anyone who spouts or buys that crap is mentally ill. How about the assertion that women's body can shut down against pregnancies from rapists or pro-lifers so extreme that they hunt down the doctors who perform abortions and murder them, after burning down a barn owned by the now-murdered Dr. Tiller with his 17 horses in it, which all died in the fire? Pro-lifers who kill people and animals. Hmmm. If those people don't have mental health issues, who does? The ones who torment the doctors' children at their schools? Let's start the mental health screenings. My suspicion is that so many Americans will be institutionalized that a lot of jobs will suddenly open up.