January 17, 2013


I'M OFF TO ST. LOUIS TO PERFORM AT HAMBURGER MARY'S ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ON FRI/SAT! Have a great weekend! And if you know of any local must-see sights besides Nelly's golden grill glowing in dim lighting while I blow him, please let me know! I've never spent much time there.


What would you say is the best thing about your friendship with RuPaul?

We worked together on Starbooty, his blaxploitation movie and then we worked together on Another Gay Sequel-Gays Gone Wild! and all our scenes were together. We’ve never grown up apart, but he moved to L.A., and we were in constant touch. But I think sharing so much time shooting Another Gay Sequel kind of reminded us we both have a similar twisted sense of humor and got a kick out of each other. And I have to say, taping Drag U has been so much fun for me because I’m not the best with hair and makeup. I told them, ‘If I’m gonna be judging anyone on HDTV, I need a hair and makeup team. Because I can’t paint like those Drag Race girls, no way in hell.’ If you’re in a nightclub, you can be wearing something made out of sequins held together by safety pins. The audience is drunk, you’re moving and no one can clock it. But if you’re on national TV, everything from the shoe to the dress has good news. It makes me improve. ThoseDrag Race girls can even top me about contouring, I’m always a bit of tomboy because I don’t sew a wink and I don’t do makeup. I’m basically just an idiot. [Laughs]

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