January 17, 2013


New York, NY - Sharon Needles conjures up a vision of ghoulish ecstasy in a crypt, with red lacquered fingernails clawing at a stone entombment. Her onstage entry, usually in a casket, elicits chills and laughter. Behind this macabre persona is a genius entertainer who spent over fifteen years honing skills that built the foundation for a career. Known as a drag performing artist and reigning queen of Logo TV’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, Needles is a versatile actor and songwriter.

(photo by Austin Young)

On January 29, she will debut a twelve-track album, PG-13, with simultaneous release of her first music video, “This Club is a Haunted House.” An eerie, somewhat chilling mix of fright-inducing punk and emotional catharsis, these eclectic songs range from an anticipated pop-punch to dance-beat: 

1. This Club Is A Haunted House (feat RuPaul)

2. Call Me On The Ouija Board

3. Dead Girls Never Say No

4. Drink Till I Die

5. I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore (feat Amanda Lepore)

6. Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?

7. Disco Ball

8. Dressed To Kill

9. Let’s All Die

10. Kai Kai (feat Ana Matronic and Alaska)

11. Everyday Is Halloween

12. Hail Satan! (feat Jayne County)

Needles wrote all material, relying only on her dream collaborators for inspiration. “This album has been titled PG-13 because like this vapid industry, life succeeds only in compromise,” she said. “In order for this world to work with me, you must meet me halfway.”