January 15, 2013


Just caught some underground film shorts at Film Forum by the Kuchar brothers, whose style apparently influenced John Waters and possibly Barbarella. Let me tell you just how artsy they were. The sound was off synch for the first three of the 5 shorts. The shorts would end while the sound continued. So some of the biggest laughs were due to errors by the projectionist. To add to the kook factor, one of the actors sat behind me, muttering, grumbling, sighing and rustling a plastic bag to obscure whatever poor sound did synch up. In keeping with the evening's avant garde offerings, I chose to shit myself rather than applaud. And I enjoyed all five seated under an open umbrella which added a lovely silhouette dancing on the screen which I felt was in keeping with the filmmakers' offbeat vision. I'm sorry I missed 1975's Thundercrack!, which seems to have borrowed heavily from my life story and image as a female gorilla monster.

MOTHER JONES: About a year ago, Fox News (in a segment titled "Perverts Put Out") slammed the National Endowment for the Arts for funding screenings of the 1975 film Thundercrack! written by George Kuchar and directed by Curt McDowell, who was known for sexed-up films like Loads. The result, a hilarious and perverse movie that features a wig pulled from a vomit-filled toilet bowl, a female gorilla monster named Medusa, and a combination of narrative melodrama and graphic sex, is enough to make any moral conservative denounce the arts."