January 11, 2013


Rachel discusses Obama's drone use, and asks how his appointment of Brennan to the Secretary Of Defense will impact US policy, since Brennan's known as the drone guy. Take heart! In Bush's CIA, he was also known as a torture advocate. Rachel takes a hard line with interviewee Bill Burton, who can't answer a straight question when attempting to explain Obama's position. Twice, he says "Let's step back from the debate" to look at different angles. One angle is the old Bush fear tactic of invoking 9/11 to permit the government to do anything from torture to stripping away US citizens' rights. The other is to fault Romney's grasp of this subject. OK, we know Romney was a clown, but this is useless information. Bill refuses to answer her question and thankfully Rachel holds him to it. Bill is rather handsome--sometimes I think they use the prettiest people to hide the ugliest truths.

Yesterday was July 10th and we'd launched drone attacks (of questionable legality) in Pakistan on 7 of the first 10 days of the year. And we aren't even at war with Pakistan! We often use drones to target terrorist suspects, or male children who we suspect might become terrorists. I want to be safe as much as any of you do, but killing children is going to create generations of terrorists who will always despise and attack us again and again. Drone strikes killing your kids are a perfect recruiting tool for Al Qaeda or anyone else. Far from being the muslim which the GOP accuses him of, Obama freely kills people in the Middle East with little reason and through Brennan, now wants to bring this hideous policy out in the open. As Rachel points out in this fascinating piece, drones will likely become Obama's legacy. Our legacy will be that we sat back and allowed atrocities again and again. Twenty kids senselessly gunned down in Connecticutt sends the nation into hysteria. Many more kids killed by drone attacks doesn't bother us. Pakistan is far away, their kids aren't christian or white and their senseless murders are under-reported if the US even admits to them. Did I mention that we pay for their murders? Obama, like Bush, is a war president. 7 drone attacks in 10 days?

HUFFPO: "In 2008, we were still hoping that Obama represented a radical change," Soldz said.  After four years of war, in which the president has declined to seek accountability for torturers and has increased reliance on drone strikes, he said, "these are Obama's policies at this point."

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Lawrence O'Donnell's attempts at humor--which are more and more frequent--leave me cold. They're out of place in a newscast--especially if they ain't funny. But his reporting can be spot-on. And it's electrifying to hear someone saying what we all know and agree on but seldom hear out loud: NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND BELIEVES EVERY WORD OF THE BIBLE, which calls for the burning of prostitutes, the death penalty for adulterers and some zany recipes for shellfish. He also points out that the word "homosexual" is never mentioned in the bible--they use the term "effeminate", which some gay-haters have changed in recent versions of the book to include homosexual. Changing the word of god? And they are changing it from the King James translation and he was basically a gay, wig-wearing transvestite! Why can't gays wake up and realize that it doesn't matter what the bible says--religion is the enemy of gay rights. Try to name a few major religions which accept us.

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