January 10, 2013


Good news is so rare that I'll gladly take a symbolic victory at this point.

Obama planned to have this pastor, who has previously "preached" that gays should be executed, give his inaugural benediction. You know, as all-Amercian as stars and stripes, apple pie, baseball and gay-bashing. After instant outrage, the guy has now been removed from the program. I really didn't make such a fuss over Rick Warren, the anti-gay evangelist who presided over Obama's first inauguration. But that was before I knew of Rick's ties to the Kill The Gays Bill in Uganda, which under pressure, he finally denounced in 2012. And that was before I knew that Obama would try and get away with whatever you don't call him on. So if you called him on this appointee and signed a petition, thanks! If you aren't calling him out on anything, then you will probably get and definitely deserve NOTHING. He can't listen if you aren't speaking up.

Anti-Gay Preacher Tapped for Obama's Inaugural Benediction Withdraws After Firestorm of Public Outrage

Pastor Louie Giglio, won't be delivering the benediction for the president's second inauguration, after all.