January 10, 2013


'Tis the Season for (Online) Dating: National Survey of Gay Men Finds Dating Apps Replace Bars as Best Place to Find Guys

"Look around in major U.S. "gayborhoods" and you're likely to see a much altered scene of people and businesses present, and a lot of male faces buried in the screens of their smartphones."

This really bugs me. I guess it's because it's true and because I work in the watering holes which aren't doing as well since dating apps have taken over. As a slut who was consumed with sex for decades, I can't fault anyone who wants to get their groove on in any kinda way or using any kind of device. But I also have to recognize that sex wasn't the only thing we went to bars and clubs for. In fact, there were always less scene-oriented, get-down-to-business cruise joints where you went to pick up quickly with a minimum of small talk.

But we also went clubbing to exchange fashion, underground music, performances, erotica, conversation, a vibe and yes, drugs and alcohol, too. I guess it's a different type of exchange now and people are just exchanging it via grindr. Or are they? Has something that was really incredible been lost?