December 07, 2012


WHO NEEDS TO COOK UP CONSPIRACY "THEORIES" WHEN THE GOVERNMENT IS ACTUALLY HELPING TO FEED US THE POISON USED AS A WEAPON IN VIETNAM? And your friend Obama helped by appointing Monsanto big-wig Michael Taylor as senior counsel to the FDA wh
ile Michelle Obama has the nerve to talk about healthier eating. Get ready to enjoy a hot, buttered ear of cancer.

"Remember Agent Orange? The 2,4-D chemical concoction commissioned by the U.S. Army to defoliate jungles and destroy food crops during the Vietnam War? It could soon be coming to a grocery store near you. 

Within a week, the USDA could approve Dow's new "Enlist" brand corn, genetically engineered to resist massive doses of the herbicide 2,4-D. Unless we stop it. Petitions will be delivered December 11.Please tell USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to reject Dow’s 2,4-D-resistant Agent Orange Corn!

A large body of evidence indicates major health problems result from exposure to 2,4-D, including cancer, reproductive problems, neurotoxicity, and auto-immune disorders. And 2,4-D is devastating to the environment. It’s currently the seventh largest source of dioxin pollution in the US. The use of this toxic herbicide is projected to increase 50-fold if the USDA approves this crop.   The USDA has already received more than 450,000 comments opposing Dow's new GE corn. But it has a long history of avoiding protests and bad press by issuing unpopular decisions right before the holidays.

Please take action today to stop new 2,4-D resistant genetically engineered crops!"