December 06, 2012


Though often called a witch, I am least spiritual/new-agey person on earth. But several times in over the years I've asked myself WHY ARE SO MANY THINGS GOING WRONG AT ONCE? and people have explained that at that particular moment, Mercury is in retrograde. Since one of these periods have just passed and I've broken my toe, cancelled gigs, had tech woes, phone left in a cab, etc, I'm praying that it's ending. Googling "Mercury in retrograde" tells me that it's actually over but a "shadow" continues until 12/14. One friend mentioned that the end date of this current bout was 12/12. Today I've been was elated because many of these problems are now magically clearing themselves up. While my reason tells me not to believe that a planet's position would cause my cd to stop playing mid-song--a treat for djs--or ID a song that's 4 minutes in length as 11 minutes long, I'm so ready for this mess to stop that I'm finding myself cheering for 12/12. Do you believe in that astrology stuff? I normally don't but it would explain a lot right now. Or is that how religion and belief in the supernatural creep in--when times are tough and you're struggling for an explanation and something to believe in?