December 06, 2012


Remember how we chuckled a day or two ago when a new poll revealed that 49% of GOP voters thought Obama won because ACORN helped him steal the election--EVEN THOUGH ACORN HAS BEEN BANKRUPT SINCE 2010 AND NO LONGER EXISTS? Well, it is funny. But it's also sad that so many people have been misled. And who misleads them? Most of our TV news. Especially Fox. But Fox and Rupert Murdoch have a lot of money to keep spreading lies and they're now conspiring with corrupt lawmakers to seize even respected papers like the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times. We need hard-hitting journalism to hold politicians feet to the fire now more than ever. I called my rep and got right through. Please call yours and help fight the ignorance that is plaguing this country.

The pressure is on at the Federal Communications Commission — but Chairman Julius Genachowski isn’t backing down from his plan to allow more media consolidation.

We need you to call your representative in Congress today.

So far more than 600 Free Press activists have called members of Congress and asked them to oppose the FCC’s action. Ten senators have written letters to the FCC in protest of its march toward more media consolidation and two spoke out at a Senate hearing this week. And today Sens. Cantwell and Sanders are holding a press conference to tell the FCC to back off.

Now it's time to take this fight to the House.

Please call Rep. Nadler at (202) 225-5635 right now. Here's what you can say:

I'm calling to urge Rep. Nadler to stop the FCC's new plan to increase media consolidation.
Will your office go on record opposing plans to relax media ownership rules?
Then click here to report your call.

New documents reveal that Rupert Murdoch's top lobbyists met with the FCC chairman's office last week to ask the agency to relax its media ownership rules even further. And the FCC still hasn't scheduled any public hearings for people to weigh in on its final plan. So we can't let up.

If you care about media monopolies, call today: The FCC's plan would allow one company to own the daily newspaper, two TV stations and up to eight radio stations in your town.

If you care about media diversity, call today: The FCC's plan would make it harder for women and people of color to own TV and radio stations.

If you care about local news, call today: The FCC's plan will lead to more journalist layoffs and less hard-hitting news coverage.

These new rules would be a massive giveaway to Rupert Murdoch and other big broadcasters. We stopped the FCC from passing similar rules in 2008. With your help we can do it again. Your calls are already making a difference in the Senate … let’s get some momentum going in the House!