December 04, 2012


Last year, our pressure helped prevent the "Super Congress" from creating a grand bargain to cut Social Security and Medicare while funding war preparation and billionaires.

We need more pressure now to prevent the Lame Duck Congress and President from doing what the Super Congress couldn't.

Please forward this email to everyone you know.

The money to save is in the military, and nobody will say that if we don't.  Military contractors created more jobs 6 years ago when we gave them less money.  The war machine is neither a moral nor an effective way to produce jobs.

A deal that maintains war-preparation spending is neither grand, nor a bargain.

At President Obama's first post-election press conference he stressed his eagerness to work with Republicans.

Without being asked about Medicare or Social Security, he urged "deficit reduction that includes entitlement changes."

Reporters didn't ask about the option of cutting military spending, and the President never brought it up.

Does this sound like ingredients of a Grand Bargain you'd like to see?

Tell the President and Congress to expand Medicare and Social Security, to invest in green energy, to raise taxes on the rich and corporations, and to cut military spending back to the level of 12 years ago.