December 29, 2012


MILLIONS AGIANT MONSANTO:   :Hard to believe, but that last bottle of Honest Tea you bought probably helped defeat Prop 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.

Honest Tea started out as a nice little company, making a certified organic beverage. Then along came Coca-Cola. Coke bought Honest Tea for one reason: to make money. Lots of it. Since acquiring a 40% stake in Honest Tea in 2008, Coca-Cola has tripled the brand’s sales, to $72 million. In 2011, the giant beverage company bought the remaining 60% of Honest Tea.

Yep, Coca-Cola loves you. You help boost profits. Unfortunately, the giant beverage company spent $1.7 million of those profits to defeat Prop 37 and your right to know about GMOs.

One of the original founders of Honest Tea, Seth Goldman, still runs Honest Tea. He says he supports GMO labeling laws, but only at the federal level. Of course he knows, just as we all do, that as long as ex-Monsanto gun Michael Taylor is heading up the FDA, a federal GMO labeling law doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of passing.

It’s time to tell Seth Goldman we’re done buying Honest Tea until Coca-Cola, Honest Tea or Goldman himself, support statewide GMO labeling initiatives. And by “support” we mean throwing real money into the fight to label GMOs."

Tell Seth Goldman why you’re boycotting Honest Tea and how he can change your mind: