December 30, 2012


An understandably bitter Dennis Kucinich lashes out at the lunacy of the 'fiscal cliff", Obama's unnecessary proposed cuts to social security and why no one is talking about what we all want: job creation. We prefer the bogus argument that we have to cut entitlements if we cut taxes which isn't true yet it fogs up every news channel. (Bless you, Amy Goodman!) There are many other areas to cut (like defense, corporate tax loopholes and subsidies to extremely profitable corporations) which aren't even being considered. We just voted against Romney because he wanted to turn his back on the working class and the poor--yet even most democrats (including Obama) would gladly defund programs which average people from veterans to seniors to students need than to ask for a penny from the corporations and the military/industrial complex who owns them all. Dennis is one of the few exceptions.

I'm very sad that after 8 terms of serving Ohio, Kucinich will be leaving Congress. Out current leaders are so lame when he advocates job creation, infrastructure rebuilding and getting $ out of politics, he ends up sounding like a crackpot. Because we can't rely on most of our representatives to act on what we actually all do agree on. That would be too much like democracy. Democracy is something we try to shove down the throat's of other countries we attack while it ceases to exist here at home. Dennis' remarks begin at about the 11:30 point in this clip.