November 12, 2012


I must admit it. When I read that Kylie Minogue had recorded an album called The Abbey Road Sessions--yes, where The Beatles famously recorded--I giggled. Then I clicked the link. Far from exposing her as a pop tart who is nothing without a dance beat, the pretty, sparser arrangements actually showcase her solid vocals. She has a sweet sound (if a little nasally) with some power which is expressive. Of course, it isn't expressing a terribly wide range because she's a mainstream pop princess who's always played it safe. I do enjoy the nutty idea, if not the sound, of songs like Your Disco Needs You which shout "I am a disco dolly and take pride in it!" That tune isn't on this unplugged album, but On A Night Like This, Finer Feelings and Love At First Sight are just pretty songs. No arrangement, however, can save the annoying I Should Be So Lucky.

French and Saunders also had a giggle at the expense of I Should So Lucky. THIS IS GENIUS!