November 09, 2012


BREAKING NEWS: CIA head General David Petraeus resigned today because he's been having an extramarital affair--with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. I seem to recall liberal organization being sharply criticized for calling him "General Betray Us" in a NY Times ad. Bush called it "disgusting" to slam the general, who was heading up forces in Iraq at the time, and this became such a scan
dal that even removed the ad from it's website. Well, guess what? Iraq never attacked us and never had any WMDs. So anyone who led us into that war betrayed us from Bush to Cheney to Wolfowitz to Rumsfeld to to Condo-loser to Petraeus. They all BETRAYED US. Obama was one of the few senators who didn't vote to go into this war and that's one reason I initially supported him. But it was unthinkable to suggest that Petraeus would betray his country, even while that's exactly what he was doing on a massive scale. 

Now we find that this "distinguished" four star general possesses the great character to not only cheat on his wife of 37 years, but to cheat with a woman who is under an FBI investigation for improperly accessing the general's emails. What a great man! Betraying his wife and possibly exposing what might be top secret CIA information open for a piece of p#ssy?

Oh, but don't you dare ever criticize anyone who's put their lives on the line--to kill innocent Iraqis and to unnecessarily spill lots of American troops' blood in the process. Don't you dare to ever suggest the truth--that's too dangerous to ever be spoken. Much less appear in an ad in a NEWSpaper. Maybe didn't follow proper decorum in their character assassination of General Petraeus. But I'd prefer to dispense with decorum if it might prevent the actual assassination which this man presided over in Iraq.

FUN FACT: While Petraeus oversaw US forces in Iraq, taxpayers were bilked to pay $3,000 PER CONDOM for US soldiers. What a hero!