November 13, 2012


I might not agree with who you vote for, but I will always support your right to vote. This is an excerpt from conservative columnist David Frum about how voting in this country is badly flawed--pitiful in comparison to many other countries which the US imagines it's superior to. Because Frum's conservative, I don't think he stresses the hideous voter suppression/ID laws that several red states put into place since 2010, since they were put into place by republicans to decrease democrats' turn-out. But I think we can all agree that one person should get one vote. Kind of a basic principle of a democracy, right? It would show tremendous leadership if Obama, after winning via our creaky system, could muster the courage to repair it. If we're trying to unite the USA and find common ground, election reform would be a bipartisan effort that most would support. Maybe you're republican still riled up by ACORN. I can't understand why we are constantly redrawing county lines. Just set it and forget it!

FRUM: "In no other country, including federal systems such as Germany, Canada and Australia, does the citizen's opportunity to vote depend on the affluence and competence of his or her local government.

In every other democracy, the vote is the means by which the people choose between the competing political parties -- not one more weapon by which the parties compete.
The United States is an exceptional nation, but it is not always exceptional for good. The American voting system too is an exception: It is the most error-prone, the most susceptible to fraud, the most vulnerable to unfairness and one of the least technologically sophisticated on earth. After the 2000 fiasco, Americans resolved to do better. Isn't it past time to make good on that resolution?"