October 07, 2012


So the unemployment rate just went down to 7.8%--the lowest it's been since 2009. I guess the democratic talking point would be: "Stick with Obama, things are slowly getting better." I hope that's true. I know that things I care about would get worse with Mitt. A little perspective never hurts. Spain has an unemployment rate of 25% and the people have been rioting recently over austerity measures.

I love that cutting government services when they are needed the most is called austerity measures. That's too kind a description for the government doing what in my mind is unthinkable: not caring for it's people when they need it the most. Greece, Portugal and Spain have bitterly protested these measures and I think they are headed our way--regardless of which party wins the White House. Sweeping through Europe, I think that these "austerity measures" are something that heads of government have realized they can get away with. It's our job to let them know that they can't--before OUR unemployment rate gets anywhere near 25%. And aren't I fun on a Saturday night? --Signing off from Youngstown, Ohio which was recently ranked as the poorest city in the country.