October 13, 2012


I'm missing Hot Mess at XL since I'm in ATL this weekend and Octomom was tonight's special guest star. After Tan Mom's nutty appearance generated a ton of press, we booked Nadya Suleyman to "perform." Tan Mom's "performance" consis
ted of drunkenly repeating "I did not put my child in a tanning bed." (The reason that we know about Tan Mom in the first place is that authorities suspected her of child endangerment after her young daughter showed up at school with burnt skin.) I googled Octomom to see if she'd made any headlines tonight--the kind of thing one does when one's own mom is sleeping in one's hotel room and one can't sleep oneself. It turns out that not only has Octomom recently been charged with child endangerment including tying her infants to their cribs with cheese cloths and allowing her older kids to molest her younger kids..but now previous Hot Mess guest Tan Mom is literally challenging last night's guest Octomom to a boxing match! Should I a) be thrilled that Hot Mess is living up to it's name through it's insane guest stars alone, b) be concerned Hot Mess is giving possible abusers of children a stage--along with the other child molesters in our regular cast of queens, or c) go molest my mom even though she's older than I am? I did try to cleanse my palate of the tabloid trash by visiting Huffingtonpost.com. But on the front page, there's a questionnaire/ad with a picture of Bill Clinton, a question about Libya and it's sponsored by Walmart. Cuckoo!