October 11, 2012


I'm sure that Biden will get sh#t for smiling at Ryan so much. But I say when you're faced with a lyin' Ryan, you laugh in their face to put them in their place. You savor the opportunity. And you openly marvel that Ryan would actually think that anyone would buy your half-baked, unpopular crap like tax cuts for the wealthiest during a recession. Sadly, neither VP candidate gave a clear plan for job creation which most of us consider the most pressing issue in the nation. Instead, the two debates have given us a contrast in debating styles. I wonder if my landlord will accept a quiz on debating styles in place of my rent...

But forget the policy that impacts our lives and lives around the world. Let's get to the important stuff. Biden looked refreshed--make-up or an eye-lift? Ryan looks like Gumby, pictured.