October 16, 2012


Octomom was Hot Mess's special guest this past Friday at XL. (We've moved the weekly show to Fridays at 9:30.) I was in Atlanta this week, so I googled the night to see what the press had to say. Many said she embarrassed herself and that she got drunk. But here's what the queens who were there say: she doesn't even drink--unlike the blithering Tan Mom we "roasted" a while back. She was a little late. But once she got there, she was a totally good sport. Bianca Del Rio claimed that we were concerned about her kids so we'd installed a live feed to check on them via the giant LED screen which forms the entire back of the stage. When it was time to "check on them", we showed a clip from Gremlins of the little monsters going wild. SHE HOWLED WITH LAUGHTER. Played right along with all of the drag queens. And we know how caustic Bianca can be! Octomom pulled out her boob and pretended to nurse a baby doll and then offered it vodka. Sat and watched a clip of her own soft porn movie which did seem to embarrass her a little. But she even laughed as DjCollins Skyla Versai dressed up as her and lip-synched to Ace Of Base's All That She Wants (Is Another Baby). Being a twisted bunch at Hot Mess, we edited in other songs as the Octomom impersonator went behind a screen and got f#cked in silhouette and then gave birth again. And again. And again---until 8 baby dolls were dangling from her crotch. At the end, Sugga Pie f#cked Skyla as Santa Claus. And this transpired on the very night that accusations of abusing her kids by two former nannies were swirling in the press. The authorities are now not even taking the child endangerment charges seriously or pursuing them. But considering the circumstances and the fact we had hired her to make fun of her, she was a very good sport and seemed to enjoy herself. Hell, even if she was just acting she did her job to everyone's satisfaction and got paid. It isn't easy to support all those kids so porn/appearing at drag shows/recording a song, she's up for it and with a smile. And for those of you wondering why we would even book her, she packed the place! And she just endorsed Obama!