October 16, 2012


BOTH PARTIES: GUILTY! The Obama and Romney campaigns agree on 1 thing--they're trying to nix the questions Candy Crowley can ask them after they've responded to an audience member. In other words, prevent her from calling them out after the
y give BS answers. This is both candidates' chance to speak with clarity, right before the election, on their vision for a country in desperately in need of a clear vision. WHY ON EARTH DO THEY WANT TO MUFFLE THEIR "VISIONS" AND NOT LET CANDY STEP IN TO CLARIFY THEIR TALKING POINT RESPONSES? In other words, if an audience member asks Obama "Why did you screw up in Libya?", he can't say "I got Osama Bin Laden" and leave it at that. Candy wants to step in and say "The question was about Libya, Mr. President." Or say a crowd member asks Romney "Tax cuts for the wealthy didn't create jobs in either Bush term--in fact the economy crashed. Why would your trickle down theory work now?" In response, Romney spouts incomprehensible gibberish followed by a heart-warming personal tale and Candy could step in and say "I think what they are asking is "The Bush policies plunged us into this recession. How will the same policies get us out?" I hate CNN but Candy is respected and capable. She's the first female moderator in 20 years. Not conventionally pretty and plus-sized, she must be damn good to even have a job at CNN, much less her own show, in an industry which favors skinny, young newsmodels with bleached teeth and blonde hair. So let her do her damn thing. I'm glad she's defying their crap! So sock 'em to it, Miss Candy!