October 22, 2012


LIBYA! Everyone is focused on Libya in anticipation of the debate tonight. But did Libya concern you two weeks ago? Did it concern it even concern you much while it was happening? I mean, four people died. After a decade of two wars, we are
 so desensitized to death that four casualties seem commonplace. I don't recall anyone getting too distraught over Libya around the water cooler at the office--or at my job, the bar. Had you ever heard of Benghazi, where the attacks occurred? I hadn't.

But now the republicans have seized on an incident in this country as a chink in the president's armor and polls reflect that the public is beginning to doubt Obama's pretty solid handling of foreign policy thanks to the spin from the camp of Mitt Romney, who can't even hold a solid position on a domestic policy! Even the liberal media is buzzing about what a "crucial" role Libya will play in tonight's debate. I think I know why. We are so dumbed down and sound bite-oriented that the only thing we really focus on is the last scuffle in the last debate when the candidates got mad. And in our eagerness to have them engage in some sort of Real Housewives hissy fit over a country which never concerned us much during the crisis there, we'll gladly forget the rest of Obama's record in it's entirety over an event which occurred towards the end of his term. Even if Obama did mishandle Libya--does that negate the rest of his foreign policy credentials? But for now, the presidency hangs on a country in Africa which will probably fade from our minds as quickly as it didn't enter most of ours.....LIBYA!

I've linked an article which claims that we're sick of the Middle East and therefore suspicious of getting involved in Libya or any other country in the region. Agreed. Suspicion before we use force is always highly recommended. So some will turn their back on Obama because he supported small uprisings against tyrants which might foster democracy in the region--even though spreading democracy is supposed to be one of the US's most cherished goals. And these war-weary folks will vote instead for a guy who is threatening a full-scale war with Iran. Smart!

"In this sense, the rising unrest in the Middle East has provided Romney with the opening that his specific policy prescriptions have not: it allows him to portray the president's foreign policy as "unraveling," as he put it in the second debate, and force Obama to come up with the convoluted answers."

Take advantage of that opening, Mitt, because you know that Americans can't handle complicated answers. And you know by now that many, especially on your side, will never check the facts. And when you and the media are done blowing Libya out of proportion, I think you'll find that most Americans are far more concerned with job creation and the economy. And you got nothing on that either.