October 19, 2012


The GOP has other ways of cheating.

Mitt's son invests in a company which owns a type of voting machine used in Ohio, where Obama holds a slight lead since unemployment is actually up in that state. Did I mention that these machines have a history of miscalculating

The Voting Machine Connection to Ohio and Romney Family Investments

As Lee Fang points out in his detailed analysis of the Romney investments:

“Many of these private equity–owned companies rely on federal and state contracts, from HIG Capital’s Hart Intercivic, a voting machine company, to EnviroFoam Technologies, a biological and chemical decontamination firm that does business with the US military and is owned by Peterson Partners, a private equity firm listed in the Solamere prospectus.”

Solarmere’s tangled web of investments now includes Hart Intercivic voting machines which will be used in Cincinnati Ohio says Truth Out, which could guarantee Mitt Romney the White House.

The State of Ohio is Ground Zero for the White House, in particular Hamilton County a repeat of the George Bush election in 2004.

And not surprisingly, it seems the Hart Intercivic machines are famed for glitches and counting errors. Wow, kinda like Mittbot himself. Can anyone say “Department of Justice investigation,” like right now, as I am typing."


And this devil was caught dumping ballots in the trash--and he's a hired GOP contractor! I wonder if it was a democratic leaning area of Virginia?