August 17, 2012


This gentleman is braver than 99 percent of us will ever be. He's marching in a gay pride parade of about 100 people last weekend in Uganda—the first ever in the country's murderously homophobic history. There is currently a bill in the Ugandan parliament that prescribes the death penalty for simply being lgbt.

"Already some Ugandan newspapers have taken to publishing lists of alleged gays and le
sbians with blaring headlines like “Hang Them!” and “Homo Terror!” The bill is the culmination of an anti-gay campaign that’s been waged in Uganda for more than a decade. Because some AMERICAN EVANGELICALS have played a major role in that campaign, they’re at least partly responsible for what is happening now."    --Steve Lafreniere

May I add that these evangelicals have a group called The Family which is a conservative think tank. I would not put it past their evil mindset--the same mindset which would force a woman raped by a relative to bear that child--to try out the KILL THE GAYS strategy out abroad before trying it here at home in the US. You know--kinda like how they try out Broadway shows out of town first? And may I say how completely crappy it was of Obama, after the ties to Uganda were known, spoke at The Family's annual Prayer Breakfast? So glad that his constant reaching across the aisle to conservatives includes breaking bread with religious nuts who are crafting ways to kill us abroad.