August 17, 2012


They don't mention the word fracking, but there's gas underneath our land and they want to get it. Regardless of the health risks of those near the fracking, which are emotionally explained in this video. Of course, our short-sighted politicians give right in to any drilling company with a check and ignore the health risks for a quick buck. And it's a particularly quick buck to feed our addiction to fossil fuels--since there isn't that much gas to be had from fracking. A wiser choice would be to actually begin the switch to greener fuels which would also create jobs--a win/win situation. Even W admitted our addiction to oil and every politician with a brain claims we need to investigate greener fuel sources. But no one is offering Obama or any other politician a check for that. You'd think they wouldn't need a check to do what is clearly right, but our check is our voice--please use it today. Or prepare for the horrors detailed in this video.

Fracking is coming to NY and the decision is coming soon. Please watch this video and see if might want to contact NY Governor Cuomo about stopping fracking in this state or in your own. I got right through to an assistant.




Will Gov. Cuomo Listen to the Lobbyists and Gas Industry Consultants? Or the Citizens of New York?


Josh Fox Skewers Governor Cuomo's Fracking Proposal

I know this video is 18 minutes long, but it contains extremely important information about health risks which politicians' greed is ushering your way. Weigh that 18 minutes against a lifetime of health risks--unless you die from cancer early! NYC is known for it's good drinking water--don't let them poison it! Cancer rates recently went down in Texas--except in one area where breast cancer went way up. So the gas companies painted a rig pink and donated $ to breast cancer. As this mini-doc points out--what's going on is unbelievable! Join the hundreds of doctors who have written to denounce fracking.