August 09, 2012


Obama praised and even assisted the uprisings of the Arab Spring--yet he compromises our own rights to protest in the US by helping local governments squash the Occupy protesters. And refuses to answer questions about the protesters' abuse, because he wouldn't want to aggravate the banks who OWS protesters targeted. His hand is out to the banks for campaign donations and big financiers formally employed by the very institutions which helped crash our economy are his top advisors. SO YOU MIGHT GET GAY MARRIAGE, BUT EXPECT NO CHANGE FROM OBAMA WHEN IT COMES TO THE ECONOMY. FRANKLY, I'D RATHER HAVE A JOB THAN A HUSBAND. Call it what you want, there is one party running and it's the 1%. Why the rest of the 99% haven't realized that is beyond me.

"This report follows a review of thousands of news reports and hundreds of hours of video, extensive firsthand observation, and detailed witness interviews. In New York City, some of the worst practices docum
ented include:
• Aggressive, unnecessary and excessive police force against peaceful protesters,
bystanders, legal observers, and journalists

• Obstruction of press freedoms and independent legal monitoring

• Pervasive surveillance of peaceful political activity

• Violent late-night raids on peaceful encampments

• Unjustified closure of public space, dispersal of peaceful assemblies, and kettling
(corralling and trapping) of protesters

• Arbitrary and selective rule enforcement and baseless arrests

• Failures to ensure transparency about applicable government policies

• Failures to ensure accountability for those allegedly responsible for abuses

These practices violate assembly and expression rights and breach the U.S. government’s international legal obligations to respect those rights. In New York City, protest policing concerns are extensive and exist against a backdrop of disproportionate and well-documented abusive policing practices in poor and minority communities outside of the protest context.

Governments—including U.S. federal, state, and local authorities—are obliged by international law to uphold the rights of individuals to peacefully assemble and to seek to reform their governments."