July 10, 2012


Still trying to get the hang of twitter. I like Cher and she's famous for her nutty, random, frequent tweets which are enjoyable. But here's one of them. Does anyone else find this disturbing that she wants to spew statistics about twitter retweets and number of followers? I guess if you're a big enough fan, you want any bit of info about her you can get. But even this tweet? "My week on twitter: >1k retweets received, 27 new listings, >9k new followers, 767 mentions." I'm a fan, but I think I'd rather hear a new song from her or a performance date or an old photo. Is a list of statistics what passes as conversation these days? And people then retweet her statistics? And yes, I'm aware of the irony that I'm on one social networking site complaining about a different one. Signed--An Old Hag Trying To Stay Up To Date. HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS MADNESS!