July 29, 2012


EVERYTHING BOLD IS NEW AGAIN is a the name of this segment from MSNBC's Thursday broadcast. It details how Obama infuriated his liberal base by "hiding behind" his weak positions on gun control, immigration and gay marriage for his first three years in office. Suddenly in the last year, he has changed his positions and spoken out against assault weapons (after permitting guns to be carried in public parks), wants to reform immigration laws after deporting more people than any president and has come out vaguely in favor of gay marriage.

Ezra Klein, the host, suggests that Obama's sudden bold positions may be designed to attract younger voters, who are in agreement with Obama on these issues. Then they bring out a democratic strategist (ie professional liar) who suggests that Obama is using common sense on at least the gun issue. Well, where the hell was his common sense during his first three years? He's a brilliant man. So here's what I think happened. He abandoned his liberal base for three years and moved to the middle. Now not doing so well in the polls, in year four he switches his positions to bolder ones designed to attract votes. So his hand is out with empty/vague promises only when he needs something. When he needs nothing, he'll happily shun his own base for three years. Am I just bitter or does this strike a chord with anyone else? Or both?

It's difficult to for me to trust MSNBC since GE, which owns it, is a war profiteer which pays 7% of it's $35 corporate tax rate and they want to keep it that way. And one of the segments after this claims that soldiers in charge of overseeing the exit from Iraq, a war which should never have been fought, are getting a hero's welcome home. Heroes? If you're coming home from a war which was based on lies, cost a fortune, bred new generations of terrorists for decades to come making us less safe, and wasted hundreds of 1000s of lives in the process, you don't deserve a hero's welcome. That should go for extreme bravery, not a long overdue clean-up effort. These troops should be crawling home with their tails between their legs. The wars are so unpopular that most big cities aren't doing any large welcome marches because they don't want to call attention to the senselessness of their mission over there.

MSNBC is not liberal news if they are glamorizing unnecessary wars.