July 04, 2012


When the fantastic movie Milk came out a few years ago, it was so inspiring that I really thought the spirit of gay activism might be re-ignited. I was wrong. Many of the gay youth I encounter today seem like silly teenage girls/wannabe Pussycat Dolls ready to bust out into a runway move than anyone who would fight for their rights--or even know what their battles are if they aren't on a catwalk. And they take those who did fight hard in the 80s and 90s for their rights and for AIDS meds for granted, often ignoring safe sex precautions because of the existence of those very meds. It's very interesting to see the banner in this trailer which says MONEY FOR AIDS, NOT WAR--today our conservative gay agenda considers it a win for gays to be able to fight in a war to oppress other innocent people in other countries. (How does that jive with a fight for our own equality?) And the crazy quotes from this trailer about a percentage of America wanting AIDS victims to be quarantined or tattooed in the eighties. Do you think these sad, evangelical freaks aren't out there today, waiting to regain power and thumping their bibles against us? History repeats itself, so you might want to check out a time in gay history when gays fought hard against inequality. And take notes in case we ever regain our fight.

United in Anger Trailer from United in Anger on Vimeo.

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