July 02, 2012


While in Las Vegas, I channel-surfed a little and caught some "wrestling" from AWR. One wrestler/rodeo clown was named Daivari and is presumably middle eastern. They actually showed him bragging about an upcoming event green screened IN FRONT OF AN ELABORATE MOSQUE! Then an announcer previewed an upcoming July 4th show and hinted that at this all-American event, Daivari and other un-American wrestlers in his crew would be put in their places. My sister and I used to laugh at "professional wrestling" when we were kids--that's how obviously phony it is. So it attracts only the stupidest audience. Yet it sells out big shows and I imagine that this ignorant audience would be chomping at the bit to see a muslim wrestler demolished. One fb friend recently liked a link on a page called Liberal Are Hypocrites and I checked it out. The link described 10 muslim kids ganging up on 1 white one in the Midwest. This may have actually happened. But how could even the stupidest among use this as evidence to conclude that muslims are taking over America? I guess these are the birthers who fear for our lives because there is a "muslim" president. Obama does have a funny name, but I don't think someone who killed Osama Bin Laden is advancing a terrorist agenda. And in Oklahoma, the state legislature actually took the time and taxpayers' money to pass a law ensuring that Oklahoma would never follow muslim sharia law. DESPITE THE FACT THAT NO ONE EVER SUGGESTED THAT WE FOLLOW IT. I guess this is what happens to people who watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh who plant these absurd suspicions in people's minds. Did muslim terrorist attack us on 9/11 and other occasions? YES. Should we watch out for other attacks by them? YES! But far from muslims taking over this country, what is actually happening is that the US is using our tax dollars to unnecessarily invade countries in the Middle East, who NEVER attacked us.