June 07, 2012


Liberals were wounded last night in what may be a trend spreading from Wisconsin nationwide: ignorance. But here are a few qualifiers to my earlier dire response. In exit polls, Obama still polled above Romney--for what that's worth. And Governor Walker's opponent was apparently not the best campaigner or even that popular and he'd already lost to Scott once. I'd only seen footage of Walker announcing the policies which led to the recall attempt. He almost has a charisma--or at least from the footage of his winning speech. 60% of the voters felt that recalls were to be reserved for personal misconduct, not unpopular policies. I don't know Wisconsin state laws--they may well be right. But it still seems very odd that 37% of union households voted for a governor who stripped away union rights. That must either mean that unions are already decimated, that the opponent was really rotten, and let's throw in a little bit of the defunding of our schools already kicking in to make entire blocks of workers clueless enough to vote against their own economic interests. Say goodbye to unions in Wisconsin--whose block vote democrats used to count on. The powers that be won't be satisfied until we're all working for minimum wage. Or not working at all with our benefits cut. And this was my attempt to be cheery about the situation.