June 06, 2012


If last night's failed recall of Republican governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker is an indicator of the shape of things to come in the race for president, we're screwed. We were already screwed, but this screwed us, gave us VD and last night it re-screwed us before the sores it gave us the first time had gotten a chance to heal. It's quite telling that Wisconsin democrats didn't want Obama to campaign for Walker's opponent--partially because he represents economic failure and partially because he practically ignored unions as Scott Walker ripped their rights away. This is after a campaign-mode Obama passionately promised to defend unions even if he had to put on his walking shoes and march with them. Complete bullshit. Way to go, Obama! Alienate the many small, liberal, working man donors who paved the way to your initial success. And then possibly lose in the first completely bought, post-Citizen's United presidential race to an unpopular, wooden candidate who has more money than you. Money is all Mitt has--no one in his own party was slightly enthusiastic about him throughout the primaries.

And now that Obama's laid up with big bankers running his show and renewing tax cuts for the rich for years, he wants his base back. But giving money to Obama's campaign again would contain all the joy of paying ransom. And even if we're forced to support you, we know what we're going to get from your first term and it ain't much. Thanks for abandoning your principles immediately after taking office. From the fundamentalist, anti-gay pastor who spoke at your inauguration, we've looked the other way after you've betrayed us time and time again. You reached "across the aisle" to compromise so often that you compromised your own parties' principles.

It's the American way! A huge percentage of Walker's campaign contributions were from out of state and he outspent his opponent 7-1. Congrats to the US for the best government money can buy! My condolences to the Republican simpletons who have actually bought the notion that Romney's business pedigree might help our economy. His success in business was as a consultant who cut jobs! How's a job-cutter gonna help your fool ass? Or does Romney have your vote simply because he isn't black? What a rotten scene!


Walker Survives Wisconsin Recall After GOP, Corporate Backers Rally and Dems Stay on Sidelines