April 05, 2012


GOP is seeking to suppress voters in a variety of ways--not just by insisting on photo ID. Let me remind you for those of you who think everyone should have a photo ID--there are many reasons why seniors, youth and people of color don't have them. I didn't have one myself for many years. But the crazy thing is that the insistence on ID to vote is supposedly meant to curb voter fraud--except that there is hardly any voter fraud in any state!

Here's a news story about a popular program in Florida which was killed by local GOP lawmakers. Called Souls to the Polls, it made an outing of black church goers to go and vote after church services. It was so popular that it accounted for up to 20-30% of local registration. So the GOP killed it! Look, black church goers probably don't even approve of my lifestyle--but I don't approve of voter suppression in any form. It's the opposite of democracy. Souls to the Polls also exists in other states like North Carolina.