April 04, 2012


This is my mom, Lady Becky, wearing a necklace and earring set I sent her. A drag queen gave it to me when I visited her city but it didn't really suit me so I passed it on. She loved it and wore it to a party of mostly widowed and divorced lady friends who raved over it and she said she was the "hit of the party", that she was proof that older folks could still be fun, and they were jealous because their sons never sent them anything. In truth, I thought she'd like it because she has a swollen clavicle bone and hates to show her neck. So I taught her that old drag queen trick--wanna camouflage something? Then throw something sparkly on it! My mom is not exactly country but she's southern through and through and had been working in the garden before my dad told her the package arrived. She shook the package and it rattled--she later told me "I thought what on earth is Jon sending me from California--a rattlesnake?" She's a nut and I love her. I just wish she'd learn to pose in better lighting!