February 23, 2012


Ever wonder why these huge corporations have so much $ that they can buy our elections? It's because we pay them everyday. We don't usually know what their political affiliations are. But every day, through our phone companies, groceries, clothing, cable companies, etc, we are enabling companies which are often our enemies to amass huge fortunes which they use to battle us. A perfect example: Marriott is largely owned by Mormons. If you'll recall, Mormon $ and the ads it bought were largely responsible for defeating the gay marriage bill Prop 8 in CA. Yet gay clubs which book me will often put me up in a Marriott. I wish there was a website which detailed who gave how much to what cause. Otherwise, we are literally buying the guns for our enemies to shoot us with. Here's an example of Urban Outfitters' founder and chairman giving $ to gay-hating Rick Santorum. He'd have less $ to give Santorum if we weren't shopping there. And this goes so much further than gay issues. Look at the big banks which screw us with foreclosures, yet we all bank with them and fund their efforts. Do you think they give money to politicians who want to regulate their unfair practices in the people's interests? Of course not! We have to stop arming our enemies or kiss our rights/financial health and even physical health (Monsanto) goodbye.

Urban Outfitters loves spreading Santorum

Richard Hayne, the man who dresses thousands of college students.

Corporations are in the business of making money, which means their styles may not be as authentically hip as they would have you believe, yadda yadda yadda, you know this drill. Hipster Walmart Urban Outfitters has been particularly stonewashed with controversy all year: accusations of stealing Etsy artisans’ work, getting busted jacking up prices for simple art, perpetuating the idea that a $70 T shirt is acceptable, among others. Now the company’s co-founder and chairman Richard Hayne is taking heat from Jezebel for giving donations to everyone’s favorite Google bomb, Rick Santorum, causing Miley Cyrus to tweet: ”every time you give them money you help finance a campaign against gay equality.” We don’t get political here at Brokelyn, but we just think you should know where your money is going. It’s not to keep these shirts on the shelves, fyi.