December 06, 2011


A friend of mine in Brooklyn described this insanity which occurred yesterday. His bike's lock was rusted to his gate so he called the bike shop to see if they could cut it. By law, they can't so they referred him to the fire dpt. He described the non-urgent situation and suddenly 7 fire trucks appeared with sirens roaring. The crew of the 7 trucks then determined that they needed yet one more truck to bring the particular saw which was needed for the lock. WHAT? No need for sirens or even one truck--just get in a car and bring the right equipment for the job. Can you imagine what this nonsense cost? Such senseless waste in these tight times? I really admire someone whose job is to save others--I couldn't do it. But this is such a moronic, colossal waste of tax payer $ that it makes a wonderful case for smaller government. Or at least effective government. Is this a union thing? Or does the fire dpt, like the police, have a quota? PATHETIC!