November 03, 2011


Obama is in campaign mode and since the bitterly divided Congress is unpopular, he's slamming them as an obstacle to America's prosperity. His remarks on putting Americans back to work to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure at a recent speech: "And when 72 percent of the American people support the ideas in this bill -- 72 percent of Americans agree with this -- Republicans, Democrats and independents -- there’s no excuse for 100 percent of Washington Republicans to say no. That means that the Republicans in Washington are out of touch with Republican voters." Well, I don't know if it's 72% but a similar percentage of Americans agree that the wealthy should pay their fare share of taxes for a change. If Obama is suddenly a man of the people, why isn't he strongly advocating taxing millionaires? Because a) he needs their $ to get re-elected and continue to NOT stand strong for the less wealthy and b) infrastructure and jobs and Congress are safe targets. Now that it's election time he pretends to be a man of the people when just a month ago he was offering social security and Medicaid as sacrifices to the senseless debt ceiling debate when he needed to offer NOTHING. Either you heed what 72% of the people want or you don't. So let's hear you talk about taxing the wealthy who are paying less than they have in decades. That would create a ton of $ for job creation for infrastructure or whatever. It might even stop our school budgets and police forces and firemen from getting slashed.