September 29, 2011


Patti Stanger of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker fame is one of the most loathsome TV personalities ever. So naturally, it's fun to see her get in trouble. And Bravo can't gripe if they hoist this bitch on the nation and then it bites the hand that feed it. I'm less offended by her statements than the notion that this dog has the nerve to offer anyone advice. And she's the perfect example of why not everyone looks better in straightened hair--her ugly mug juts out from her straightened hair and looks harsher as a result. A curl or wave might soften her mug. Sorry, but I despise her and this show. At least Dolly Levi sang and danced!


Following the matchmaker's probing, one caller admitted he's homosexual, to which Stanger responded, "There is no curbing the gay," asserting that they're not interested in monogamy. Host Andy Cohen, who is gay, was visibly uncomfortable with Stanger's wisecrack. She proceeded to dig her hole even deeper by making inflammatory observations about tribal dating culture, as well. Referring to Jewish men later in the show, Stanger claimed, "They lie." Cohen is not only gay and Jewish; he is also Bravo's Executive VP of Original Programming and Development (i.e. Stanger's boss). "So I am a non-monogamous liar," he concluded on air.