September 29, 2011


(Sorry this pic is so blurry, but they don't like photographs.)

I noticed this sign in a San Fran Starbucks claiming that their coffee contains cancer-causing agents. The barrista explained that it had something to do with the ceramics it was roasted in and that it was trace amounts. In her early 20's with piercings, I doubt that the counter girl represents the man. She went onto say that CA had very strange laws and gave the example of a burglar who tripped over a rug while exiting and successfully sued the homeowner he was trying to rip off.

But the mega-chain is forced to post signs in every CA store, there must be something to it. Is this unique to Starbucks or do other coffee chains roast their coffee in a different, healthier way? As I put an Equal in my coffee, clearly I wasn't too concerned about it. But I do drink their coffee every day. Makes you wonder...