July 20, 2011


We have been making excuses about Faux-bama caving again and again. He has to play it cool because he's been getting more death threats than every other pres combined. Or he's dealing with the repubs having pushed the debate so far right with the crazy tea partiers. So what? He should stand for something and push back if he really has ideals! That's why he said dems lost in the mid-terms--they failed to state their case and show why insurance reform should be popular. Duh! Insurance and medical are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in this country. Isn't that worth standing up for? And instead of learning from his shellacking and standing for democratic principles, he's still caving to a party which has openly committed to making him a one-term pres and which are far-removed from what the people have woken up to and want: taxing the rich more and not cutting services/benefits. Why would you constantly reach across the aisle to them! SLAM THEM! Unless you're one of them, as this article suggests.

FROM Reagan loves Nixon, and Obama is their Messenger ………. (we’ve all been had) by Martin Belk

Like many, I have been struggling with the ‘What in Hell is Wrong with Obama??’ question. The Great Compromiser won’t fight as it appeared he would, in fact, the demeanor of Presidential Obama is exactly, coincidentally, opposite campaign Barack. He’s given away the whole cat, much less the kitty. His campaign promises mean little. Heck, even his die-hard loyalists are stumped. Well, not me, not anymore.

Here it is, consider: the Presidency of Barack Obama is one big right-wing concoction, that will go down in history as the biggest conspiracy since Watergate and Iran-Contra. The G.O.P. needed a sympathizer that would be able to sway the centrist and lefty liberals. After Bush, no Republican ticket would do it. McCain? Please. Pathetic Palin? Spare me. But a smooth operating black dude – like the song on election night ‘signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours?’ Mission Accomplished.