July 19, 2011


The debt ceiling must be raised in order to stop an economic catastrophe. Even Wall St. is now pressuring the GOP to just pass it as a 1 line sentence. So why are even dems attaching deep cuts to it--cuts which Bernie Sanders says would be "devastating to the working family"? Obama is now openly recommending cuts to social security--optimists had thought until today that he was just floating the idea.

Today, Obama and the bipartisan Gang Of Six came out with a plan which would give republicans "90% of what they ever dreamed of" (B. Sanders)--when they don't need to give away anything at all! And as Jane Hamish of firedoglake.com pointed out, the reason we're having such a huge deficit is that we passed the Bush tax cuts for millionaires last year. So now we need to recoup the fare share that millionaires ought to be paying by killing services that seniors and the disabled rely on as their only income. How cruel! And another huge cave from Obama and the corrupt democrats. How do you cave on not cutting soc sec/medicaid when that's all that democrats have stood for since Roosevelt? What platform do they expect to win on if they desert their base?

How do you try to win points as reasonable when negotiating with a brick wall who wants to screw the country. That isn't reasonable--I don't give a damn about what a fine negotiator he is--he's playing with our benefits and giving the GOP everything they want? I wish dems felt as strongly about their position as the republicans. The crazy thing is, that since polls indicate that most Americans want to see the rich pay more taxes right now, the majority of Americans are feeling liberal on this one. What a perfect time for dems to stand strong! Yet no one is advocating this. Or cutting much of the defense budget which has inexplicably tripled since 1997.

This looks awful for progressives. But please sign as many petitions and make as many phone calls as you can. They are still negotiating so it helps if there's an outcry. Or maybe I'm dreaming an Obama and the corrupt dems have already sold us up the river and don't even care about getting re-elected because of some lucrative deal with the devil.