April 08, 2011


Obama got our approval for intervention on Libya by claiming that we would NOT be sending boots on the ground to Libya. He knows we're sick of war and that Libya is not an imminent threat to the US since he said this! Now the Pentagon is hinting that we are sending tropps. Even if you love war, WE CAN'T AFFORD ANOTHER FUCKING WAR!

General says US may consider sending troops into Libya as part of any international force

By Lolita C. Baldor, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The U.S. may consider sending troops into Libya with a possible international ground force that could aid the rebels, the former U.S. commander of the military mission said Thursday, describing the current operation as a stalemate that is more likely to go on now that America has handed control to NATO.

But Army Gen. Carter Ham also told lawmakers that American participation in a ground force would not be ideal, since it could erode the international coalition attacking Moammar Gadhafi's forces and make it more difficult to get Arab support for operations in Libya.