April 08, 2011


R.I.P. Ellie. When I first saw this 7 foot, not too passable tranny singing standards with a deep baritone, my impulse was to laugh. But as I learned more about her story--he was a minister who came out as TS in his 60s to become a street performer--I was deeply moved. So moved that I wrote Ellie one of the only fan letters in my life--the other as to Erin Moran from Happy Days! Because Ellie discovered herself so late in life, she sought to make up for it by dressing in VERY young outfits which didn't always suit her unless you knew her story. I'm very sad to hear of her passing, but still inspired by someone who took their time, but who eventually found where she wanted to be and went there fearlessly. Provincetown has lost an icon who made it unique and a performer who brought smiles to many.


Dear Friends of Ellie, Yesterday, our beloved Ellie passed away at 5 PM, 56 days after his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. He died peacefully, after a valiant fight, with a slight smile on his face. He had family members with him every step of the way, and we were all privileged to love and be there with him. Thank you for all of your love and support and for your continued love and prayers. You are all invited to a public Celebration of Life for Ellie at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Provincetown on Saturday May 14th at 11 AM. We are throwing a big tribute party- an Ellie Palooza- for everyone on Father's Day, June 19th at 1 PM, in front of Town Hall where Ellie used to sing, followed by a reception and silent auction at the Crown and Anchor, where Ellie performed at Showgirls with Ryan Landry. RSPVs for the Ellie-Palooza can be made on Facebook when we get that set up, hopefully soon. What an amazing journey this has been. Godspeed Ellie! Adios and aloha!


ELLIE SINGING ON THE STREETS OF P'TOWN. I'd often watch the passersby taking her in. New Englanders can be quite stiff. But when vacationing in a haven for outrageousness, they were a little freer to accept a transsexual who they may have shunned back home. And of course the even less accepting older folks couldn't help but be charmed by Ellie's versions of the big hits from their era.